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Virtual world programmer for the University of Houston Dept. of Health and Human Performance. Our infrastructure's in SWI-Prolog I do declare I like declarative programming

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doc-needs-helphtml_resource/2, http_get/3, Sec. 6, load_structure/3, Sec. 8, Sec. 10, Sec. 10, Sec. 3.13, Sec. 2.10, Sec. 5.3, Sec., opt_help/2, Sec. A.59, Sec. 4.10.3, lex_chain/1, chr_constraint/1, Sec. A.62, Sec. 1.2, , term_to_json/3, Sec. 1, rdf_process_turtle/3, automaton/8, html_receive/4, Sec. 7, Sec. 3.24, setup_call_catcher_cleanup/4, Sec. 12.5, predsort/3,

Comments by Anne Ogborn

Sec. 9I found the official docs for CHR sufficiently difficult to puzzle out for this ...
Sec. 5It would be useful to add 0-9 to this set.
edit_command/2 link broken
predsort/3predsort/3 removes duplicates, based on the predicate saying = This bit me when ...
AT one point publishing and installing were separated into independent steps, bu ...
Sec. 12.5example using the pl-options option to suppress the startup banner swipl-ld -pl- ...
setup_call_catcher_cleanup/4I found the external_exception confusing at first. What's going on - cleanup get ...
Didn't Jan, at one point, separate installing from publishing, since that was be ...
Sec. 3.24I think the mime_type option is mode +
Sec. A.44Here's another example. This one puts out the usual SWI-Prolog SGML/XML represen ...
Sec. 1The javascript documentation is at http://pengines.swi-prolog.org/docs/documenta ...
Sec. 7refers to running text but never defines or explains
=The mail list or ##prolog channel on freenode.net IRC are better venues for que ...
html_receive/4unclear if Handler's expected to be my_handler(Terms, DCGIn, DCGOut) --> which a ...
attr_unify_hook/2Normally this predicate fails *in order to* veto binding the variable to VarValu ...
http_safe_file/2The only option is unsafe(Boolean) true makes this always succeed.
automaton/8::Annie is here with a giant automaton.
rdf_process_turtle/3OnObject will be passed a list of triples something like this on_object(TripleLi ...
Sec. 1section 1.5 is out of date, see the pengine_create predicate
The disadvantage of lack of masses of programmers is also an advantage.
Sec. 1.2http://pengines.org has moved to http://pengines.swi-prolog.org
Sec. A.62Not clear what this does, depends on reader already understanding the basics of ...
chr_constraint/1'type', as specificied in "An argument specifier is a mode, optionally followed ...
lex_chain/1this is a bit too terse for clarity
Sec. 4.10.3add link to ISO for people making exception terms
Reference manualSterling & Shapiro "The Art of Prolog" is usually better left until you've maste ...
Sec. 3.21.2Usefully, html_post(head, blah) mails blah to the head
Sec. A.59this could use an example
Sec. 5While it's best for these changes to all be in one place now, in future it'll be confusing.
Sec. 5.3loose vs lose in first line
Sec. 2.10GNU Prolog's explanation of how to run the traditional debugger is, IMHO, much c ...
Sec. 3.13Request also contains path_info.
Sec. 10sparql_set_server example has a missing comma.
Sec. 10The URI paths are of course a single namespace.
Sec. 8This could really benefit from some examples
Finding pceDraw from site nav is darn near impossible
load_structure/3Could use some examples, and I was baffled by Atom, and why there's sdata and nd ...
Sec. 6typo It is _adviced_
http_get/3Whats options?
www_form_encode/2You can also use the uri quasiquote pack (probably soon to be moved to libs)
javascript/4 Use as termerized html usage: \js_script({| javascript(_) || function dospeak() { agent.speak('I see you\'re writing a constraint programming system.
Sec. 3.24.3not yet in docs - the mime type can be explicitly set with the option mime_type( ...
Sec. 1.3These would be far more useful if there were step by step instructions for getti ...

News articles by Anne Ogborn

White Paper about TerminusDB -- DataChemist, a Dutch-Irish company, is making a versioning, graph oriented datab ...
We've won a 2019 Icculus Microgrant -- We've Won a 2019 Icculus Microgrant.
Mistaken Malware Warning Cleared Up -- The scary malware warnings some visitors have seen when downloading our Windows ...
Prolog in The Ardennes -- [tactics.be](http://tactics.be) invited Anne Ogborn to give a two day SWI-Prolog training at a lodge in the Ardenne forest.
Prolog Talks at CodeMeshLDN -- Anne Ogborn will be giving an introductory workshop in SWI-Prolog and a talk on ...
Bangelore FOSS Cafe to take up SWI-Prolog -- The Bangelore Free Open Source Software Cafe will host Anne Ogborn doing a SWI-P ...
Ludum Dare Game Jam 44 -- A Prolog team is forming to compete in Ludum Dare 44. Ludum Dare is a large inte ...
SWI-Prolog Class at Queerious Labs -- There will be a totally fabulous Intro to SWI-Prolog Saturday, March 30, 2019 at Queerious Labs 223B 9th St, SF, CA, 94103 At 4:30pm (2 hr class) Free event. All genders welcome.
SWI-Prolog Class! -- We're offering an 8 week course in SWI-Prolog. It will cover not only the usual ...
A Web Checkers Player -- A web checkers player using SWI-Prolog as the server. [Github Repository](https: ...
Prolog Plays Counterstrike -- Grzegorz Jaskiewicz of the Warsaw University of Technology has written a Prolog ...
Playing with Prolog -- Sam Neaves and Anne Ogborn have started a new YouTube channel featuring recreati ...
SWI-Prolog Used For Satellite Anomaly Detection -- Simularity, Inc.
Evolving Prolog at QCon -- Michael Hendricks is at [QCon New York](https://qconnewyork.com/ny2015/speakers/ ...
SWI-Prolog based EYE reasoner -- The EYE reasoner, written in SWI-Prolog, has been featured in the May/June 2015 ...
Ebrahim Azarisooreh, Douglas Miles, Grzegorz Jaskiewicz, Jessie Stein, and Anne Ogborn are going to field a *SWI-Prolog* team for the 32nd *[Ludum Dare Jam](http://ludumdare.com/compo/)* - a contest to see who can make the best game (as voted by the participants) in 72 hours. At 6pm US Pacific time the contest organizers will announce a theme.

Packages by Anne Ogborn

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Interface to the ChatScript server.
Registration, login, and role management
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Pack: twitter

Great! Gives basic access to the Twitter API.

Really easy to use.

Friday 23 March 2018, Anne Ogborn

8cD Just the thing for interfacing to ChatScript.

More seriously, this is a small, utilitarian 'glue' pack, but ChatScript's quite nifty.

Tuesday 19 May 2015, Anne Ogborn
Pack: graphml
Pretty slick! I use it with yED, a java language graph editor I like.
Tuesday 26 August 2014, Anne Ogborn
Pack: weblog

Weblog's the bestest thing in the whole world!

- Norbon Weenblat
See also
- http://www.swi-prolog.org/pack/list?p=evil
Thursday 11 July 2013, Anne Ogborn
Pack: evil
Evil is an amazing batch of things you NEVER should do in your own code!
Saturday 04 May 2013, Anne Ogborn