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Predicate xref_source/2
Availability::- use_module(library(prolog_xref)).(can be autoloaded)
 xref_source(+Source) is det
 xref_source(+Source, +Options) is det
Generate the cross-reference data for Source if not already done and the source is not modified. Checking for modifications is only done for files. Options processed:
If true (default false), emit warning messages.
Define the initial context module to work in.
Determines which calls are registerd. Which is one of all, non_iso or non_built_in.
How to handle comments. If store, comments are stored into the database as if the file was compiled. If collect, comments are entered to the xref database and made available through xref_mode/2 and xref_comment/4. If ignore, comments are simply ignored. Default is to collect comments.
Process the content of included files (default is true).
Source- File specification or XPCE buffer