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Predicate xref_public_list/3
Availability::- use_module(library(prolog_xref)).(can be autoloaded)
 xref_public_list(+Spec, +Source, +Options) is semidet
Find meta-information about File. This predicate reads all terms upto the first term that is not a directive. It uses the module and meta_predicate directives to assemble the information in Options. Options processed:
Path is the full path name of the referenced file.
Module is the module defines in Spec.
Exports is a list of predicate indicators and operators collected from the module/2 term and reexport declarations.
public -Public
Public declarations of the file.
Meta is a list of heads as they appear in meta_predicate/1 declarations.
Do not print any messages or raise exceptions on errors.

The information collected by this predicate is cached. The cached data is considered valid as long as the modification time of the file does not change.

Source- is the file from which Spec is referenced.