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Sec. A.52See also the jiti_list/1 from library(prolog_jiti), the module provides utilitie ...
Sec. 6Microsoft's learning resources use this websocket echo server in it's example co ...
Sec. A.10See also this document [at Google Scholar](https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl ...
with_output_to/2See also with_output_to/3
format_time/3## Example *xsd format string* ~~~ get_time(TStamp), format_time(string(Txt),'%F ...
XPCE has two stage font system: logical fonts and supported OS fonts.
Sec. 2.2If your installation can run XPCE, then it is possible to automatically set up u ...
Sec. 10An working example based to [accepted answer to a stackoverflow question](https: ...
process_create/3Example with double qoutes for running an Firefox with a not-default-profile.
wildcard_match/2See also: re_match/2, a Perl compatible regular expression matching predicate
See also: wildcard_match/2
op/3I spent few evenings trying to understand how the the x and y work.

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Goal directed ASP solver
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