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Prolog files

Xserver.plShow source
ensure_x_server/2Ensure the existence of a graphics environment for XPCE.Source
autowin.plShow source
dragdrop.plShow source
edit_dialog.plShow source
emacs_extend.plShow source
gui_tracer.pl  -- Graphical debugger utilitiesShow source
help_message.plShow source
hyper.plShow source
imageops.plShow source
pce.plShow source
pce_arm.plShow source
pce_config.pl  -- XPCE congifuration databaseShow source
config_attributes/2Fetch the (meta) attributes of the given config key.Source
get_config/2Get configuration for Key as Value.Source
register_config/1Register Pred to provide metadata about the configuration handled in the calling module.Source
set_config/2Set the configuration parameter Key to Value.Source
pce_debug.plShow source
pce_dispatch.pl  -- Run XPCE in a separate threadShow source
pce_edit.pl  -- Find and edit the source location of an XPCE objectShow source
editpce/1Edit an xpce `object' from Spec using PceEmacs.Source
pce_emacs.pl  -- PceEmacs toplevelShow source
emacs/0Create PceEmacs and open the scratch buffer.Source
emacs/1Create PceEmacs and edit Location.Source
emacs_server/0Create a PceEmacs, ready to run as an unattended background server.Source
emacs_toplevel/0Prepare to run PceEmacs as a stand-alone executable.Source
start_emacs/0Create PceEmacs, but no buffers nor windows.Source
pce_help_file.plShow source
pce_help/2Start @helper/helper on the help module `DataBaseId', searching for a fragment with label `Label'.Source
pce_help_file/2Declare `FileName' to hold a helper-format file holding the help-database `DataBaseId'.Source
pce_image.plShow source
pce_main.plShow source
pce_manual.pl  -- Start XPCE manualShow source
manpce/0Starts the XPCE manual tools by opening a small window.Source
manpce/1Start the XPCE manual tools, opening the manual page for Spec.Source
pce_meta.pl  -- Reflection support for XPCEShow source
pce_prolog_xref.plShow source
pce_report.plShow source
pce_shell.plShow source
pce_tagged_connection.plShow source
pce_template.plShow source
use_class_template/1Handled by the XPCE class compiler.Source
pce_tick_box.plShow source
pce_toc.plShow source
pce_type.plShow source
pce_define_type/2Create a type alias name, so we can write more readable code.Source
pce_unclip.plShow source
pce_util.plShow source
chain_list/2Convert between a Prolog list and an XPCE chain object.Source
default/3Get the default value for an argument.Source
get_chain/3List is a Prolog list constructed from the PCE chain returned by <-Selector on Object.Source
get_object/4Succeeds once if Output is the value returned by invoking get method called Selector on Object.Source
send_list/2Send a messages to the carthesian product of ListOfObjs and ListOfSels.Source
send_list/3Send a messages to the carthesian product of ListOfObjs and ListOfSels.Source
pce_xref.pl  -- Cross-referencer front-endShow source
gxref/0Start graphical cross-referencer on loaded program.Source
xref_file_exports/2Produce the export-header for non-module files.Source
persistent_frame.pl  -- Save/restore layout of XPCE windowsShow source
portray_object.pl  -- Create Human readable XPCE object descriptionsShow source
print_graphics.plShow source
prolog_predicate.plShow source
swi_compatibility.pl  -- XPCE Compatibility layerShow source
swi_hooks.pl  -- Hook XPCE based graphics tools into IDEShow source
alternate_syntax/4Implements operator handling for reading arbitrary terms from XPCE classes.Source
swi_ide.pl  -- SWI-Prolog IDE controllerShow source
prolog_ide/1Invoke an action on the (SWI-)Prolog IDE application.Source
swi_preferences.pl  -- Edit preferences filesShow source
prolog_edit_preferences/1Edit the specified user preference file.Source
tabbed_window.plShow source
tabular.plShow source
toolbar.plShow source