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pce_xref.pl -- Cross-referencer front-end
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XPCE based font-end of the Prolog cross-referencer. Tasks:

  • Cross-reference currently loaded program OK
  • Generate module-dependency graph OK
  • Information on
    • Syntax and other encountered errors
    • Export/Import relation between modules OK
    • Undefined predicates OK
    • Unused predicates OK
  • Summary information
    • Syntax and other encountered errors
    • Exports never used (not for libs!)
    • Undefined predicates
    • Unused predicates
  • Export module import and export header
See also
- library(prolog_xref) holds the actual data-collection.
- Tool produces an error if a file that has been xref'ed is deleted. Paulo Moura.
Source gxref
Start graphical cross-referencer on loaded program. The GUI is started in the XPCE thread.
Source xref_file_exports(+File, -Exports)
Produce the export-header for non-module files. Fails if the file is already a module file.

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.

Source xref_file_imports(Arg1, Arg2)