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pce_emacs.pl -- PceEmacs toplevel
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This module provides predicates to start PceEmacs. PceEmacs is an clone of GNU-Emacs written in XPCE. Modes are XPCE classes that can be extended in Prolog.

See also
- Set Prolog flag editor to pce_emacs to make PceEmacs the default for edit/1.
Source start_emacs is det
Create PceEmacs, but no buffers nor windows.
Source emacs_server is det
Create a PceEmacs, ready to run as an unattended background server.
Source emacs is det
Create PceEmacs and open the scratch buffer.
Source emacs(+Location) is det
Create PceEmacs and edit Location. Location is one of the following, where File must be an atom and Line and LinePos are integers.
  • File:Line:LinePos
  • File:Line
  • File
Source emacs_toplevel is det
Prepare to run PceEmacs as a stand-alone executable.