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Title:FLUX: A logic programming method for reasoning agents and ALPprologis a Prolog implementation of an action programming language. With ALPprolog you can program strategies for autonomous agents in dynamic domains like e.g. the Wumpus world.
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Latest version:1.1.118
SHA1 sum:2de249b19e83269da9efb18ea2ec4c3a4a3618cc
Author:Douglas Miles http://www.linkedin.com/in/logicmoo
Douglas R. Miles <logicmoo@gmail.com>
Maintainer:TeamSPoon https://github.com/TeamSPoon/
Packager:TeamSPoon https://github.com/TeamSPoon/
Home page:https://github.com/TeamSPoon/flux.git
Download URL:https://github.com/TeamSPoon/flux/release/*.zip


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FLUX is a high-level programming system for cognitive agents of all kinds, including autonomous robots. Cognitive agents control themselves using an internal model of their environment. The FLUX kernel system endows agents with the general cognitive ability to reason about their actions and sensor data they acquire. FLUX agents are also able to plan ahead their actions in order to achieve specific goals. FLUX allows to implement complex strategies with concise and modular agent programs. An efficient constraint logic program, the FLUX system scales up well to domains which require large states and long action sequences.

FLUX is an implementation of the Fluent Calculus. A versatile action representation formalism, this calculus provides a basic solution to the classical frame problem using the concept of state update axioms.

The official FLUX project page is https://web.archive.org/web/20070302104140/http://www.fluxagent.org:80/ See also [https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.fluxagent.org:80/*]

This library is free software according to the GNU Library General Public License (GPL) 2. Please see the COPYING file for details.


ALPprolog is a Prolog implementation of an action programming language.

With ALPprolog you can program strategies for autonomous agents in dynamic domains like e.g. the Wumpus world.Hook and/or override assert, retract, call, clause, erase, etc for specific predicates It requires SWI-Prolog (available at http://www.swi-prolog.org) or ECLiPSe Prolog (available at http://www.eclipse-clp.org).

It implements a fragment of the theoretical framework of Action Logic Programs as described in http://www.computational-logic.org/content/projects/wisslogpubs/DreSchiThi-FroCoS09.pdf

An ALPprolog program describes the strategy of an agent that executes the program online. Hence only simple substitutions are used for evaluating queries like e.g. ?- holds(safe(Cell)). In the offline setting reasoning by cases via disjunctive substitutions ensures that the Action Logic Program framework becomes logically complete.


Using SWI-Prolog 7.1 or later:

    ?- pack_install('https://github.com/TeamSPoon/flux.git').

Source code available and pull requests accepted at

?- ensure_loaded(library(flux)).

?- ensure_loaded(library(alpprolog)).


Some TODOs

Document this pack!

Write tests

Untangle the 'pack' install deps (Moving predicates over here from logicmoo_base)

Not obligated to maintain a git fork just to contribute

Dislike having tons of forks that are several commits behind the main git repo?

Be old school - Please ask to be added to TeamSPoon and Contribute directly !

Still, we wont stop you from doing it the Fork+PullRequest method

BSD 2-Clause License

Copyright (c) 2017, TeamSPoon and Douglas Miles <logicmoo@gmail.com> All rights reserved.

General Information


For running and using the FLUX files, ECLiPSe Prolog (ECLiPSe Constraint Logic Programming System) is required, Copyright Imperial College London and ICL. It can be obtained from IC-Parc at http://www.icparc.ic.ac.uk/eclipse/ Versions 5.4 and 4.2.3 have been used successfully.


See the file 'INSTALL'


Please consult the journal paper [1] for an introduction to the Fluent Calculus and the FLUX programming method, which is available at www.fluxagent.org -> Publications. You may also find the examples useful that are available at our website, too.

In the following, a run of the Wumpus World is shown.

$ eclipse ECLiPSe Constraint Logic Programming System [kernel] Copyright Imperial College London and ICL Certain libraries copyright Parc Technologies Ltd GMP library copyright Free Software Foundation Version 5.4 #27, Wed May 15 00:13 2002 [eclipse 1]: [wumpus]. fd_domain.eco loaded traceable 0 bytes in 0.01 seconds fd_arith.eco loaded traceable 0 bytes in 0.03 seconds fd_util.eco loaded traceable 0 bytes in 0.00 seconds fd_chip.eco loaded traceable 0 bytes in 0.01 seconds fd_elipsys.eco loaded traceable 0 bytes in 0.01 seconds fd.eco loaded traceable 0 bytes in 0.06 seconds strings.eco loaded traceable 0 bytes in 0.00 seconds chr2pl.eco loaded traceable 0 bytes in 0.01 seconds chr.eco loaded traceable 0 bytes in 0.02 seconds lists.eco loaded traceable 0 bytes in 0.01 seconds fluent.chr compiled traceable 25658 bytes in 0.03 seconds fluent.pl compiled traceable 45772 bytes in 0.00 seconds flux.pl compiled traceable 13120 bytes in 0.12 seconds wumpus_simulator.pl compiled traceable 7764 bytes in 0.00 seconds wumpus.pl compiled traceable 21192 bytes in 0.13 seconds

Yes (0.13s cpu) [eclipse 2]: main. wumpus(1, 6) gold(2, 6) pit(3, 5) pit(6, 10) pit(6, 2) pit(2, 3) pit(8, 7) pit(4, 1) pit(9, 1) pit(7, 5) pit(5, 1) pit(8, 10) pit(3, 3) pit(4, 10) enter go go turn turn go turn turn turn go turn go turn turn turn go turn turn go turn go turn turn turn go turn turn turn go exit

Constraints: (4) not_holds_all(wumpus(_1774, _1788), Z_1612) (5) not_holds(dead, Z_1612) (6) not_holds(pit(1, 1), Z_1612) (7) not_holds_all(pit(_2067, 0), Z_1612) (8) not_holds_all(pit(_2222, 13), Z_1612) (9) not_holds_all(pit(0, _2389), Z_1612) (10) not_holds_all(pit(11, _2568), Z_1612) (11) not_holds_all(at(_2759, _2773), Z_1612) (12) not_holds_all(facing(_2975), Z_1612) (15) not_holds(has(arrow), Z_1612) (18) duplicate_free(Z_1612) (38) not_holds(pit(2, 1), Z_1612) (48) not_holds(pit(1, 2), Z_1612) (78) not_holds(gold(1, 1), Z_1612) (107) not_holds(pit(2, 2), Z_1612) (117) not_holds(pit(1, 3), Z_1612) (147) not_holds(gold(1, 2), Z_1612) (211) or_holds([pit(2, 3), pit(1, 4)], Z_1612) (236) not_holds(gold(1, 3), Z_1612) (467) or_holds([pit(3, 2), pit(2, 3)], Z_1612) (492) not_holds(gold(2, 2), Z_1612) (593) not_holds(pit(3, 1), Z_1612) (633) not_holds(gold(2, 1), Z_1612) (752) or_holds([pit(4, 1), pit(3, 2)], Z_1612) (777) not_holds(gold(3, 1), Z_1612)

There are 232 delayed goals. Do you want to see them? (y/n) More (0.14s cpu) ? [eclipse 3]: bye


You are welcome to send comments, suggestions and feedback to the addresses given at our website www.fluxagent.org


[1] M. Thielscher. FLUX: A Logic Programming Method for Reasoning Agents. Theory And Practice of Logic Programming. 2004.

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