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Pack flux -- prolog/indigolog/Examples/ElevatorSim-BAT/readme.txt

Mini getting-started guide to get the Elevator examples running:

  1. Make sure the installation of IndiGolog is correct (read install.txt at the root directory of IndiGolog)
  2. Make sure TCL/TK program 'wish' is in the path (in Linux it is often in /usr/bin) (the simulator environment uses a small TCL/TK interface to enter exog. actions async)
  3. Go to directory <mypath>/indigolog/Examples/ElevatorSim-BAT and start SWI Prolog with sufficient global & heap memory: /usr/bin/pl -L128m -G128m -T64m
  4. Consult main_swi.pl and execute goal "main". Several controllers will be offered. Enter the controller you want to run. That is, in the Prolog prompt that appears do the following: ?- [main]. ?- main. Available Controllers: [1, 2, 3, 4] Which controller do you want to execute? 4.
  5. Watch the IndiGolog Agent control the elevator.
  6. To run it once again, execute goal "main" again.