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Pack flux -- prolog/indigolog/Changelog.txt

=========================================================================== November 4, 2008 ===========================================================================

  • A few fixes performed for Stefano Valentini
    • Change data to be sent not quoted, so that terms can be sent (common.pl)
    • Fixed bug with closing of sockets; some remainde opened.

    =========================================================================== March 4, 2008 ===========================================================================

  • Added construct atomic(E) to execute E atomically.
    • if E can make one step, E is put forward as the 1st program to do Obs: if E cannot later advance, the whole program fails!
  • Introduced mfinal/2 and mtrans/4 in transfinal.pl as the top-level meta-level versions of final/2 and trans/4. Now, indigolog.pl uses these meta-level versions. These meta-level versions allow now to manipulate transitions in a more expressive way. As of now, it is only used to accommodate the new construct atomic(E) by moving E as the head of the whole program.

    =========================================================================== February 21, 2008 ===========================================================================

  • Added two other construct for concurrency: (suggested by Andrea & Stefano, from Rome)
    • rconc(L) : generalizes rconc(E1,E2) to list of programs L
    • itconc(L): concurrency by iterating on programs in list L
  • Resolved clash between built-in list select/3 and eclipse compatibility select/3 predicate for waiting for data on streams. The eclipse version has been renamed to stream_select/3.

    =========================================================================== December 19, 2007 ===========================================================================

  • Added predicate executable_path(A,P) in lib/system_var.pl which indicates the path to different softwares (e.g. swi, xterm). It is used in Env/dev_managers.pl to define device managers.

    =========================================================================== EOF: Changelog ===========================================================================