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Source html_text(+Input) is det
Source html_text(+Input, +Options) is det
Render HTML from Input to current_output. Input is either an HTML DOM or a valid input for load_html/3. Options defined are:
Initial margins.
Total preceived line width.
One of justify or left. Default is justify.
Source format_dom(+DOM, +State) is det[private]
Format the given HTML DOM to current_output according to State.
Source block_element(+El, +Attrs, -Margin, -ParOPtions, -Style)[private]
Describe a block element
Source block_words(+Content, -RestContent, -Words, +State)[private]
Turn Content into a list of words with attributes and spaces.
Source words(+Tokens, +State)//[private]
Generate a list of w(Word,Len,Attrs) and b(Len,_) terms for words and (breakable) white space.
Source join_whitespace(Elements, Joined)[private]
Join consequtive space elements into a single white space element.
Source update_style(+Style:list, +State0, -State)[private]
Add Style to the current state.
Source add1_style(+New, +Style0, -Style) is det[private]
Modify the current text style.
Source state_par_properties(+State, -ParProps)[private]
Get the paragraph shape properties from State. Eventually these two should be merged!
Source emit_block(+Words, +Options, +State) is det[private]
Format a block given Words inline elements, Options and State. Calls format_paragraph/2 after finalizing the paragraph shape and using the newline logic.
Source init_nl is det[private]
Source init_nl(-State) is det[private]
Source exit_nl(+State) is det[private]
Initialize/finalize the newline logic.
Source emit_code(+Content, +BlockAttrs, +State)[private]
Source format_table(+Content, +Attrs, +BlockAttrs, +State) is det[private]
Source column_widths(+AutoWidths, +MaxTableWidth, -Widths) is det[private]
Establish the widths of the columns. AutoWidths is a list of widths for each of the columns if no folding is applied.
 rows(+Content, -Rows) is det[private]
Source columns(+Rows, -Columns) is det[private]
Transpose the table, filling missing columns with an empty td element as needed.
Source format_row(+ColWidths, +State, +MarginLeft, +Row)[private]
Format a single row.
Source format_cells(+ColWidths, -CWSpanned, +Col0, +Row, +State, -Cells)[private]
Format the cells for Row. The resulting Cells list is a list of cells, where each cell is a list of strings, each representing a line.
Source cell_align(+Cell, -Align) is det[private]
Determine the cell alignment. Currently supports the (deprecated) HTML4 align=Align possibility and very naively parsed CSS text-align:center, etc.
Source format_cell_to_string(+Cell, +ColWidth, +State, -String) is det[private]
Format Cell to a String, given the state and column width.
Source emit_hr(+Attrs, +BlockOptions, +State)[private]
Emit a horizontal rule.