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doc_html.pl -- PlDoc HTML backend
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This module translates the Herbrand term from the documentation extracting module doc_wiki.pl into HTML+CSS.

To be done
- Split put generation from computation as computation is reusable in other backends.
Source doc_for_file(+File, +Options) is det
HTTP handler that writes documentation for File as HTML. Options:
If true (default), only emit documentation for exported predicates.
If true, provide edit buttons. Default, these buttons are suppressed.
Specify the page title. Default is the base name of the file.
File- Prolog file specification or xref source id.
Source doc_resources(+Options)// is det
Include required resources (CSS, JS) into the output. The first clause supports doc_files.pl. A bit hacky ...
Source doc_file_objects(+FileSpec, -File, -Objects, -FileOptions, +Options) is det
Extracts relevant information for FileSpec from the PlDoc database. FileOptions contains:
  • file(Title:string, Comment:string)
  • module(Module:atom)
  • public(Public:list(predicate_indicator)

Objects contains

  • doc(PI:predicate_indicator, File:Line, Comment)

We distinguish three different states for FileSpec:

  1. File was cross-referenced with collection enabled. All information is in the xref database.
  2. File was loaded. If comments are not loaded, cross-reference the file, while storing the comments as the compiler would do.
  3. Neither of the above. In this case we cross-reference the file.
FileSpec- File specification as used for load_files/2.
File- Prolog canonical filename
Source xref_doc_object(File, DocObject) is nondet[private]
Source ensure_doc_objects(+File) is det
Ensure we have documentation about File. If we have no comments for the file because it was loaded before comment collection was enabled, run the cross-referencer on it to collect the comments and meta-information.
File- is a canonical filename that is loaded.
Source module_info(+File, -ModuleOptions, +OtherOptions) is det
Add options module(Name), public(Exports) to OtherOptions if File is a module file.
Source doc_hide_private(+Objs, +Public, +Options)
Remove the private objects from Objs according to Options.
Source obj(+Term, -Object) is det[private]
Extract the documented object from its environment. It is assumed to be the first term. Note that if multiple objects are described by the same comment Term is a list.
Source private(+Obj, +Options) is semidet
True if Obj is not exported from Options. This means Options defined a module and Obj is not member of the exports of the module.
 prolog:doc_is_public_object(+Object) is semidet[multifile]
Hook that allows objects to be displayed with the default public-only view.
Source multifile(+Obj, +Options) is semidet
True if Obj is a multifile predicate.
Source public(+Options, +Options)[private]
True if Obj is declared using public/1.
Source file_info(+Comments, -RestComment, -FileOptions, +OtherOptions) is det[private]
Add options file(Title, Comment) to OtherOptions if available.
Source file_header(+File, +Options)// is det
Create the file header.
Source file_title(+Title:list, +File, +Options)// is det[private]
Emit the file-header and manipulation buttons.
Source reload_button(+File, +Base, +Options)// is det[private]
Create a button for reloading the sources and updating the documentation page. Note that the button is not shown if the file is not loaded because we do not want to load files through the documentation system.
Source edit_button(+File, +Options)// is det
Create an edit button for File. If the button is clicked, JavaScript sends a message to the server without modifying the current page. JavaScript code is in the file pldoc.js.
Source zoom_button(BaseName, +Options)// is det
Add zoom in/out button to show/hide the private documentation.
Source source_button(+File, +Options)// is det
Add show-source button.
Source objects(+Objects:list, +Options)// is det
Emit the documentation body. Options includes:
If true, provide a navitation tree.
Source object(+Spec, +ModeIn, -ModeOut, +Options)// is det[private]
Emit the documentation of a single object.
Spec- is one of doc(Obj,Pos,Comment), which is used to list the objects documented in a file or a plain Obj, used for documenting the object regardless of its location.
Source need_mode(+Mode:atom, +Stack:list, -NewStack:list)// is det[private]
While predicates are part of a description list, sections are not and we therefore need to insert <dl>...</dl> into the output. We do so by demanding an outer environment and push/pop the required elements.
Source undocumented(+File, +Objects, +Options)// is det[private]
Describe undocumented predicates if the file is a module file.
Source eq_pi(PI1, PI2) is semidet[private]
True if PI1 and PI2 refer to the same predicate.
Source is_pi(@Term) is semidet
True if Term is a predicate indicator.
Source re_exported_doc(+Undoc:list(pi), +File:atom, +Module:atom, -ImportedDoc, -ReallyUnDoc:list(pi))[private]
Source object_page(+Obj, +Options)// is semidet
Generate an HTML page describing Obj. The top presents the file the object is documented in and a search-form. Options:
Show the navigation and search header.
Source object_footer(+Obj, +Options)// is det
Call the hook doc_object_footer//2. This hook will be used to deal with examples.
Source object_page_footer(+Obj, +Options)// is det
Call the hook doc_object_page_footer//2. This hook will be used to deal with annotations.
Source object_synopsis(Obj, Options)// is det
Provide additional information about Obj. Note that due to reexport facilities, predicates may be available from multiple modules.
To be done
- Currently we provide a synopsis for the one where the definition resides. This is not always correct. Notably there are cases where multiple implementation modules are bundled in a larger interface that is the `preferred' module.
Source unquote_filespec(+Spec, -Unquoted) is det
Translate e.g. library('semweb/rdf_db') into library(semweb/rdf_db).
Source doc_write_html(+Out:stream, +Title:atomic, +DOM) is det
Write HTML for the documentation page DOM using Title to Out.
Source doc_page_dom(+Title, +Body, -DOM) is det
Create the complete HTML DOM from the Title and Body. It adds links to the style-sheet and javaScript files.
Source print_html_head(+Out:stream) is det
Print the DOCTYPE line.
Source tags(+Tags)// is det
Emit the @tag tags of a description. Tags is produced by tags/3.
See also
- combine_tags/2.
Source tag(+Tag, +Values:list)// is det
Called from \tag(Name, Values) terms produced by doc_wiki.pl.
Source doc_tag_title(+Tag, -Title) is det
Title is the name to use for Tag in the generated documentation.
 args(+Params:list) is det[private]
Called from \args(List) created by doc_wiki.pl. Params is a list of arg(Name, Descr).
Source objects_nav_tree(+Objects, -Tree) is det[private]
Provide a navigation tree showing the context of Object. Tree is of the form node(Object, Children).
Source remove_unique_root(+TreeIn, -Tree)[private]
Remove the root part that does not branch
Source nav_tree(+Tree, +Current, +Options)// is det[private]
Render the navigation tree
Source object_tree(+Tree, +Current, +Options)// is det
Render a tree of objects used for navigation.
Source pred_dt(+Modes, +Class, Options)// is det
Emit the predicate header.
Modes- List as returned by process_modes/5.
Source anon_vars(+Term) is det[private]
Bind remaining variables in Term to '$VAR'('_'), so they are printed as '_'.
Source pred_edit_button(+PredIndicator, +Options)// is det
Create a button for editing the given predicate. Options processed:
Resolve to module M
For multi-file predicates: link to version in file.
Line to edit (in file)
Source object_edit_button(+Object, +Options)// is det
Create a button for editing Object.
Source pred_source_button(+PredIndicator, +Options)// is det[private]
Create a button for viewing the source of a predicate.
Source object_source_button(+Object, +Options)// is det
Create a button for showing the source of Object.
Source canonicalise_predref(+PredRef, -PI:Name/Arity, +Options0, -Options) is det[private]
Canonicalise a predicate reference. A possible module qualifier is added as module(M) to Options.
 pred_head(+Term) is det[private]
Emit a predicate head. The functor is typeset as a span using class pred and the arguments and var using class arglist.
Source is_op_type(+Atom, ?Type)
True if Atom is an operator of Type. Type is one of prefix, infix or postfix.
Source term(+Text, +Term, +Bindings)// is det
Process the \term element as produced by doc_wiki.pl.
To be done
- Properly merge with pred_head//1
Source predref(+PI)// is det
Source predref(+PI, +Options)// is det
Create a reference to a predicate. The reference consists of the relative path to the file using the predicate indicator as anchor.

Current file must be available through the global variable pldoc_file. If this variable not set it creates a link to /doc/<file>#anchor. Such links only work in the online browser.

Source nopredref(+PI)//
Result of name/arity, non-linking predicate indicator.
Source flagref(+Flag)//
Reference to a Prolog flag.
To be done
- generate a link to the Prolog website?
Source cite(+Citations)// is det
Emit citations. This is indented to allow for [@cite1;@cite2] for generating LaTex.
Source manref(+NameArity, -HREF, +Options) is det[private]
Create reference to a manual page. When generating files, this listens to the option man_server(+Server).
Source pred_href(+NameArity, +Module, -HREF) is semidet[private]
Create reference. Prefer:
  1. Local definition
  2. If from package and documented: package documentation
  3. From any file
- Should analyse import list to find where the predicate comes from.
Source pred_source_href(+Pred:predicate_indicator, +Module, -HREF) is semidet[private]
HREF is a URL to show the predicate source in its file.
Source object_ref(+Object, +Options)// is det
Create a hyperlink to Object. Points to the /doc_for URL. Object is as the first argument of doc_comment/4. Note this can be a list of objects.
Source object_href(+Object, -HREF) is det
Source object_href(+Object, -HREF, +Options) is det
HREF is the URL to access Object.
Source localise_object(+ObjIn, -ObjOut) is det[private]
Abstract path-details to make references more stable over versions.
Source term_to_string(+Term, -String) is det[private]
Convert Term, possibly holding variables, into a canonical string using A, B, ... for variables and _ for singletons.
Source object_name(+Obj, +Options)// is det
HTML description of documented Obj. Obj is as the first argument of doc_comment/4. Options:
One of inline or title
Qualify predicates by their module
One of number, title or number_title
Source in_file(+Head, ?File) is nondet[private]
File is the name of a file containing the Predicate Head. Head may be qualified with a module.
To be done
- Prefer local, then imported, then `just anywhere'
- Look for documented and/or public predicates.
Source file(+FileName)// is det
Source file(+FileName, +Options)// is det
Create a link to another filename if the file exists. Called by \file(File) terms in the DOM term generated by wiki.pl. Supported options are:
Label to use for the link to the file.
Absolute location of the referenced file.
Explicitely provided link; overrule link computation.
Map the final extension if OldExt-NewExt is in Pairs.
List of file(Name, Link) that specifies that we must user Link for the given physical file Name.
HTTP handler Id to call if the user clicks the edit button.
To be done
- Translation of files to HREFS is a mess. How to relate these elegantly?
Source file_href(+FilePath, -HREF, +Options) is det[private]
Find URL for refering to FilePath based on Options.
Source map_extension(+HREFIn, -HREFOut, Options) is det[private]
Replace extension using the option
  • map_extension(+Pairs)
Source file_href(+FilePath, -HREF) is det[private]
Create a relative URL from the current location to the given absolute file name. It resolves the filename relative to the file being processed that is available through the global variable pldoc_file.
Source existing_linked_file(+File, -Path) is semidet
True if File is a path to an existing file relative to the current file. Path is the absolute location of File.
Source include(+FileName, +Type, +Options)// is det
Inline FileName. If this is an image file, show an inline image. Else we create a link like file//1. Called by \include(File, Type) terms in the DOM term generated by wiki.pl if it encounters [[file.ext]].
Source html_tokens_for_predicates(+PI, +Options)// is semidet[private]
Inline description for a predicate as produced by the text below from wiki processing.
        * [[member/2]]
        * [[append/3]]
Source doc_for_wiki_file(+File, +Options) is det
Write HTML for the File containing wiki data.
Source mode_anchor_name(+Mode, -Anchor:atom) is det
Get the anchor name for a mode.
Source pred_anchor_name(+Head, -PI:atom/integer, -Anchor:atom) is det
Create an HTML anchor name from Head.

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.

Source predref(Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, Arg4)
Source file(Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, Arg4)
Source object_page_header(Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, Arg4)