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XSB Prolog dialect support

This directory provides the library emulation for XSB. It is normally activated using the directive below or by loading a file with the .P extension.

:- expects_dialect(xsb).

The library files themselves are either SWI-Prolog module files or XSB module files. They are available through the XSB directive below after the xsb dialect is selected.

:- import Pred, ... from Library.

Providing a transparent user experience

The user may include the following in <config>/init.pl to activate XSB dialect support simply by loading .P files.

:- use_module(library(dialect/xsb/source)).

Prolog files

basics.pl  -- XSB basics.P emulationShow source
for/3Nondeterministically binds I to all integer values from B1 to B2 inclusive.Source
consult.plShow source
curr_sym.plShow source
error_handler.pl  -- XSB compatible error handlingShow source
gensym.plShow source
gpp.pl  -- Use XSB gpp preprocessorShow source
open_source_hook/3Implementation of the open source hook to use the XSB gpp preprocessor on .P files.Source
intern.plShow source
lists.plShow source
take/3True if Prefix is a list of length Length and that is the prefix of List.Source
machine.plShow source
ordsets.plShow source
ord_setproduct/3is true when SetProduct is the cartesian product of Set1 and Set2.Source
setof.plShow source
source.pl  -- Support XSB source .P filesShow source
standard.pl  -- XSB Term Writing to Designated I/O StreamsShow source
console_write/1As write/1 and writeln/1 to user_error.Source
console_writeln/1As write/1 and writeln/1 to user_error.Source
error_write/1As write/1 and writeln/1 to user_error.Source
error_writeln/1As write/1 and writeln/1 to user_error.Source
message/1Write message to user_error.Source
messageln/1Write message to user_error.Source
warning/1Print a warning.Source
storage.pl  -- Emulate XSB syslib/storage.PShow source
string.plShow source
thread.plShow source
n_par_execute/2Run N copies of Goal concurrently.Source
par_execute/1Execute all elements of GoalList concurrently.Source
timed_call.pl  -- XSB timed callShow source