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Package "programk"

Title:AIML 2.0 - Because an AIML Interpreter/Chatbot needed to exist in Prolog to!
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Latest version:2.0.3
SHA1 sum:783640cdaf439aa9c1ddbc78404cec6fe4c3d40f
Author:Douglas R. Miles <logicmoo@gmail.com>
Maintainer:Douglas R, Miles <logicmoo@gmail.com>
Home page:https://github.com/logicmoo/programk.git
Download URL:https://github.com/logicmoo/programk/archive/V*.zip


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This dirrectory

Contains a non Language Model chatbots

Douglas Miles wrote an AIML interpreter called ProgramK about 15 years ago ProgramK: cd prolog/programk/ cat README

Annie Ogborns Chatbot system "NotAIML" NotAIML: cd prolog/notaiml/ cat README

Contents of pack "programk"

Pack contains 956 files holding a total of 190M bytes.