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Pack orgref_fix -- prolog/orgref_fixes.pl
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- Christian Gimenez
- GPLv3
 fix_citations(+Org:term, +Bibtex:term, +Html:string, -Html_output:string)
Fix citation links and insert the bibliography at the end.
Org- The org file path.
Bibtex- The bibtex file path.
Html- the Html export string. Use read_file_to_string/3 to read a whole file.
 fix_references(Org, Html, Html_output)
Fix references to a figure, table and/or section.
To be done
 fix_all(+Org_file:term, +Bibtex:term, +Html_file:term, +Result_file:term)
Fix the following items on the exported Html_file:
@param Org_file The org file path. @param Bibtex The bibtex file path. @param Html_file The HTML exported file. @param Result_file The HTML output file which will be created.
 generate_cites(+Bibtex:term, +Lst_cites:list, -Map:list, -Lst_entries:list)
Given a list of bibtex citation keys, search each entry on the Bibtex file and create the citation maps.
Bibtex- The bibtex file path.
Lst_cites- A list of strings with cite keys.
Map- A cite/2 map between each key and the APA reference string.
Lst_entries- The list of bibtex entry/3 entries.
 generate_bibliography(+Bibtex:term, +Lst_cites:list, -Html:string)
Generate an APA-styled bibliography in HTML syntax from a list of citation labels.
Bibtex- The BibTeX file path.
Lst_cites- A list of strings. These must be citation labels (ex. ["giese15:optique", "chang18:_scaling_knowled_access"]).
Html- The HTML bibliography text generated in HTML format.