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Pack logicmoo_base -- prolog/logicmoo/pdt_server/org.cs3.pdt.common_3.1.2.201603251848/pl/pdt_search.pl
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 find_predicate_reference(Term, ExactMatch, Root, RefModule, RefName, RefArity, RefFile, Position, PropertyList)
 update_predicate_reference_search_term_to_context(+Term, +EnclFile, +LineInEnclFile, -NewModule, -NewTerm)
 find_predicate_definitions(+Term, +ExactMatch, ?Root, -DefiningModule, -Functor, -Arity, -DeclOrDef, -File, -Location, -Properties) is nondet
 find_categorized_predicate_definitions(+Term, +EnclFile, +SelectionLine, Functor, Arity, DeclOrDef, DefiningEntity, FullPath, Line, Properties, Visibility)
 find_primary_definition_visible_in(+File, +Line, +OffsetStart, +OffsetEnd, +TermString, -TargetKind, -TargetFile, -TargetLine, -TargetLabel)
Find first line of first clause in the primary file defining the predicate Name/Arity visible in ReferencedModule. In case of multifile predicates, the primary file is either the file whose module is the DefiningModule or otherwise (this case only occurs for "magic" system modules, (e.g. 'system')) the file containing most clauses.

Used for the open declaration action in pdt/src/org/cs3/pdt/internal/actions/FindPredicateActionDelegate.java

ResultKind is one of: single, multifile, foreign, dynamic

 find_definition_contained_in(+File, +Options, -Entity, -EntityLine, -EntityKind, -Name, -Arity, -SearchCategory, -Line, -PropertyList) is nondet
Look up the starting line of a clause of a predicate Name/Arity defined in File. Do this upon backtracking for each clause of each predicate in File.
File- The file to search for definitions.
Options- multifile(boolean): show clauses of other files for multifile predicates all_clauses(boolean): show all clauses or only the first of a predicate in a file
Entity- The module (in Prolog) or Entity (in logtalk) to which a predicate belongs. Note that there can be multiple entities in a file.
EntityKind- "module" (in Prolog) or "object|category|protocoll" (in Logtalk)
Name- The name of the defined predicate
Arity- The arity of the defined predicate
SearchCategory- "multifile|definition"
Line- The starting line of a clause of Name/Arity contained in File.
PropertyList- A list of properties of the predicate. TODO: Enumerate values expected by the Java GUI.
 find_completion(+Prefix, ?EnclosingFile, ?LineInFile, -Kind, -Entity, -Name, -Arity, -Visibility, -IsBuiltin, -IsDeprecated, -ArgNames, -DocKind, -Doc, -NeedsQuotes) is nondet
 find_entity_definition(SearchString, ExactMatch, Root, File, Line, Entity)
 find_module_reference(Module, ExactMatch, Root, File, Line, ReferencingModule, RefName, RefArity, PropertyList)
 loaded_by(LoadedFile, LoadingFile, Line, Directive)

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.

 find_definition_contained_in(Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, Arg4, Arg5, Arg6, Arg7, Arg8, Arg9)