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Prolog files

http_ssl_plugin.pl  -- SSL plugin for HTTP librariesShow source
http_connection_over_proxy/6Facilitate an HTTPS connection via a proxy using HTTP CONNECT.Source
http_protocol_hook/5Hook for http_open/3 to connect to an HTTPS (SSL-based HTTP) server.Source
ssl_server_create_hook/3Extensible predicate that is called once after creating an HTTPS server.
ssl_server_open_client_hook/3Extensible predicate that is called before each connection that the server negotiates with a client.
accept_hook/2Implement the accept for HTTPS connections.Source
discard_client_hook/1Handles connections that where accepted during server shutdown.Source
make_socket_hook/3Hook into http_server/2 to create an SSL server if the option ssl(SSLOptions) is provided.Source