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http_server_files.pl -- Serve files needed by modules from the server
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This module provides an infrastructure for serving resource-files such as icons, JavaScript, CSS files, etc. The default configuration serves the HTTP locations icons, css and js (see http_absolute_location/3)

The location for these services can be changed by adding rules for http:location/3. Directories providing additional or alternative resources can be achieved by adding rules for file_search_path/2.

Source serve_files_in_directory(+Alias, +Request)
Serve files from the directory Alias from the path-info from Request. This predicate is used together with file_search_path/2. Note that multiple clauses for the same file_search_path alias can be used to merge files from different physical locations onto the same HTTP directory. Note that the handler must be declared as prefix. Below is an example serving images from http://<host>/img/... from the directory http/web/icons.
http:location(img, root(img), []).
user:file_search_path(icons, library('http/web/icons')).

:- http_handler(img(.), serve_files_in_directory(icons), [prefix]).

This predicate calls http_404/2 if the physical file cannot be located. If the requested path-name is unsafe (i.e., points outside the hierarchy defines by the file_search_path/2 declaration), this handlers returns a 403 Forbidden page.

See also
- http_reply_file/3