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- Wouter Beek
To be done
- Type-based JS response. After DELETE: remove that post from DOM. After POST: add that post to DOM. After PUT: update that post in DOM.
Source post_process(+Request, ?Kind) is det
HTTP handler that implements a REST interface for postings.
Kind- is the type of post, and is one of news or annotation.
Source post(+Post, +Name:atom, -Value) is semidet
post(+Post, ?Name:atom, -Value) is nondet
post(-Post, ?Name:atom, -Value) is nondet
True if Post have Value for the given attribute.
If- Post is given, it is either the id of a post or a dict describing the post. When generated, Post is the (atom) identifier of the post.
Source post(+Id:atom, +Options)// is det
Generate HTML for apost. Supported Options:
Orientation of the post. This is used in binary conversations to show the different conversation parties.
Whether this post is part of multiple posts or not.
Source posts(+Kind, +Object, +Ids:list(atom), +Options)//
Generate HTML for a list of posts and add a link to add new posts. Options:
Order posts by Property. Properties are defined by post/3.
Add link to add new posts. Default is true.
Source add_post_link(+Kind, +Object)//
Emit HTML that allows for adding a new post
Source find_posts(+Kind, :CheckId, -Ids) is det
True when Ids is a list of all posts of Kind for which call(CheckId, Id) is true.
Source fresh(+Id:atom) is semidet
True if post Id is considered fresh.
Source all(+Id:atom) is det
News filter, returning all objects
Source relevance(+Id:atom, -Relevance:between(0.0,1.0)) is det
  • If Importance is higher, then the dropoff of Relevance is flatter.
  • Relevance is 0.0 if FreshnessLifetime =< Age.
  • Relevance is 1.0 if Age == 0.
Source user_vote_count(+User, -Up, -Down) is det
Number of votes issued by this user.
Source user_posts(+User, +Kind)//
Show posts from a specific user of the specified Kind.
Source user_post_count(+User, +Kind, -Count) is det
True when Count is the number of posts of Kind created by User.

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.

Source sort_posts(Arg1, Arg2)