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pack_mirror.pl -- Mirror pack archives
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This module maintains mirrors of the latest versions of pack archives as they are registered. This data will be used to maintain a database of meta-information on packs.

Source pack_mirror_directory(-Dir)
True when Dir is the absolute file name for the mirrors.
Source pack_mirror(+Pack, -File, -Hash) is semidet
Try to mirror the latest version of Pack into File. Hash is the SHA1 hash of the pack archive. If the hash of the downloaded file does not match, the download file is deleted.
Source pack_unmirror(+Pack)
Delete all mirrors we have for Pack
Source ssl_verify(+SSL, +ProblemCert, +AllCerts, +FirstCert, +Error)
Currently we accept all certificates. We organise our own security using SHA1 signatures, so we do not care about the source of the data.