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Package "with"

Title:Context managers for SWI Prolog
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Latest version:0.0.4
SHA1 sum:ca12b3dafc161728cc7101c4d67653528e7fc1a4
Author:Eyal Dechter <eyaldechter@gmail.com>
Maintainer:Eyal Dechter <eyaldechter@gmail.com>
Packager:Eyal Dechter <eyaldechter@gmail.com>
Download URL:https://github.com/edechter/with/archive/*.zip


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Context managers for SWI Prolog

This module provides context management for various types of Prolog objects, such as IO streams, dynamic clauses, and settings. User defined contexts can be implemented using the multifile predicate manage_context/3. manage_context(Term, Setup, Cleanup) defines a setup/cleanup pair for a specific type of term. `with(Term, Goal)` calls Goal using setup_call_cleanup/3, with the corresponding setup and cleanup goals.

There is one difference between the semantics of setup_call_cleanup/3 and the corresponding goal using this library. Setup and Cleanup goals must succeed. If they fail, the error `error(mode_error(must_succeed, FailingGoal))` is thrown.

For example, the provided manage_context/3 clause for opening files could be defined:

with:manage_context(open(File, Mode, Stream),
                    open(File, Mode, Stream),

The result is that the following are equivalent:

?- setup_call_cleanup(open(File, read, Stream),

?- use_module(library(with)),
   with(open(File, read, Stream),

To show defined context managers, using `listing/1`. E.g, the context managers packaged with this module are:

?- use_module(library(with)), listing(with:manage_context/3).

manage_context(open(A, C, D),  (absolute_file_name(A, B), open(B, C, D)), close(D)).
manage_context(assertz(A), assertz(A, B), erase(B)).
manage_context(setting(A, B),  (setting(A, C), set_setting(A, B)), set_setting(A, C)).

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