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Package "webconsole"

Title:Use a browser as HTML console
Latest version:0.9.1
SHA1 sum:01dfab9eeb16847746d920424b216b54e6e384c0
Author:Jan Wielemaker <J.Wielemaker@vu.nl>
Download URL:http://www.swi-prolog.org/download/pack/webconsole-*.tgz


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Great for a proof of concept! With it potential customers can use the expert system from ther browser.

The source code is good structured and easy to understand.

Thanks a lot for this pack!

Thursday 08 February 2024, Antonio Robirosa

Hi Jan,

Thank you for webconsole. It is a great idea. Unfortunately with : Windows7 / IE11 / swi 7.37 Control of the browser lost after using flag_table. And no input focus in the test case age(S).

will re-test a new version when available. JAcques

Monday 27 April 2015, jacques ABEL

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library(webconsole) -- Use a browser as HTML console

The library(webconsole) allows for writing classical query/reply programs that use a web-browser for I/O. The idea behind this library is that there are a lot of Prolog applications that run a query/answer dialogue and/or wish to write messages. Most do this to the terminal, but the terminal is rather old-fashioned and complicated if you want to display, e.g., a table.

This library opens a browser using wc_start/0. Subsequently, there are predicates

  • wc_format/2,3,4 to format to the browser
  • wc_html/2,3 to send HTML to the browser
  • wc_ask/2,4 to create a form and wait for the user to fill it out.

The file examples/demo.pl provides some example queries.

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Pack contains 9 files holding a total of 283K bytes.