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Package "tor"

Title:Tor: Extensible Search with Hookable Disjunction
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Latest version:1.0.4
SHA1 sum:93183fd47c07e9adb774f0c3cf72eaa5f9c698af
Author:Bart Demoen <Bart.Demoen@cs.kuleuven.be>
Benoit Desouter <Benoit.Desouter@UGent.be>
Markus Triska <triska@dbai.tuwein.ac.at>
Tom Schrijvers <Tom.Schrijvers@UGent.be>
Packager:Benoit Desouter <Benoit.Desouter@UGent.be>


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TOR -- VERSION 1.0.4

1.0.4 Scoped implementation of search/1.

1.0.3 Cleanup of version 1.0.2, now with documentation.

Based on the paper:

Tor: Extensible Search with Hookable Disjunction
Tom Schrijvers, Bart Demoen, Markus Triska and Benoit Desouter
Submitted to SCP

Allows you to use tor with:

:- use_module(library(tor_clpfd)). :- use_module(library(tor)). :- use_module(library(generic_search)).


README.txt : this file

prolog/ tor_clpfd.pl : wrapper around clpfd library that replaces labeling predicates by those defined for tor tor.pl : tor infrastructure and many handlers generic_search.pl : variant of ECLiPSe's search/6 adapted to tor and SWI-Prolog's clpfd tor_labeling.pl : basic labeling code using tor tor_clpfd_labeling.pl : auxiliary file that redefines clpfd labeling predicates

visualization/ log_to_tree.pl : convert log handler output into postscript log_to_pdf.sh : generates pdf from log file log_to_tree.pl : generates metapost instructions from log file trees.mp : metapost drawing instructions

examples/ : examples, in particular a file that shows the new features introduced version 1.0.2


Thanks to Jan Wielemaker, Carlo Capelli and Paulo Moura for their useful comments.

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