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Package "pl_owl"

Title:OWL utility predicates over rdf library
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Latest version:0.1.0
SHA1 sum:a8e3605c9b2a9232155e9c6aa68efdf51c02fcb0
Author:Milan Unger <nilan.unger@siemens-healthineers.com>
Home page:https://github.com/milung/pl_owl


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OWL utility predicates over rdf library

Prolog module pl_owl. Predicates for querieng RDF graphs using OWL Semantics.


Use module pl_owl in your code.


:- use_module(library(`pl_owl`)).

hallo :-
    owl_assert_individual(my_ns:my_individual, my_ns:'my-class', 'Some Individual', catalog_graph).


Few utilities predicate to create and remove owl individuals and resolve the owl relations with respect to the OWL semantics.

Exported predicates

owl_assert_individual(+Subject:iri, +Class:iri, +Label:rdf_literal, +Graph) is det

Asserts the named individual of Class with the SubjectIri IRI and % assigns it label Label. The individual is asserted into the graph Graph

owl_date_time(+TimeStamp:float, -DateTime:compound, +TimeZone:atom) is det

Unifies the Timestamp with the DateTime compound coresponding to the lexical form of RDF. TimeStamp can be atom now to get compound for the current timestamp.

owl_format_date_time(+DateTime:compound, -Text:atom) is det

Unifies Text with the xsd representation of the date_time/7 compound.

owl_object_atom(+Object:atom, -Atom:atom) is det

Unifies Atom with the atomic representation of the Object, which is either atomic representation of literal or a label of the resource represented by the Object.

owl_reachable(+Subject, +Property, -Object) is nondet

Succeeds if Subject is reachable to Object with respect to OWL semantics. It uses the semantics of rdf_reachable/3 but Resource is not considered to be reachable to itself unless:

  • the Property makes Subject or Object reacheble to itself by a non- transistive closure, using rdf_has/3 and the Property is not irreflexive; or
  • the Property us reflexive The honors handles subpropertyOf, inverseOf, transient, reflexive, and irreflexive properties of the `Property.

owl_remove_individual(+Individual:iri, +Graph) is det

Removes all rdf entries from the Graph where Individual is either in the subject or object role.


The script run-tests.ps1 executes the tests


To debug the module, load the debug.pl file into prolog top.

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