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Package "pl_omdb"

Title:API interface to OMDB (Open Movie Database)
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Latest version:0.5.0
SHA1 sum:bc5ef97af45431a45826e1cf53b65baae626e414
Author:Ebrahim Azarisooreh <ebrahim.azarisooreh@gmail.com>
Home page:https://github.com/eazar001/pl_omdb
Download URL:https://github.com/eazar001/pl_omdb/archive/v0.5.0.zip


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This is A SWI-Prolog interface to the OMDB (Open Movie Database) API http://www.omdbapi.com

Examples of Usage

% Loading pl_omdb will create a special API key flag to store the API key to be referenced later
?- use_module(library(pl_omdb)).

% The user can store the API key in the special flag for access at runtime now
?- set_prolog_flag(omdb_api_key, 'my_unique_key')

% This will fetch the release date for Casino Royale, year 2006.
?- omdb_fetch('Released'=Value, [title='Casino Royale',year='2006']).

% This will fetch the object that corresponds to Casino Royale, 2006, with all the keys
%  and respective values ... including results specific to Rotten Tomatoes.
?- omdb_fetch(Key=Value, [title='Casino Royale',year='2006',tomatoes='true']).

% Return list of search results along with number of results.
?- omdb_search(Key=Value, [title='The Matrix']).

% Iterate through all the search results while also unifying with the number of results found.
?- omdb_search_results(Key=Value, [title='The Matrix'], NumResults).

% Fetch the dictionary object for all titles matching "The Matrix".
?- omdb_fetch_dict(Dict, [title='The Matrix']).

% Fetch the dictionary object for search results pertaining to the title "The Matrix".
?- omdb_search_dict(Dict, [title='The Matrix']).

Alternatively, one may specify the API key in the above examples as a first argument, if they wish to bypass the flag mechanism and/or use multiple keys in one application.

The Options list is a list of valid parameters to pass to the OMDB API. All parameters are essentially key values that are of the type atom (described below). All of these keys correspond to a value (all represented as string types).

Here are some valid options for fetches/retrievals:

  • id
  • title
  • media_type (this is the OMDB 'type' parameter)
  • year
  • plot
  • tomatoes
  • callback
  • version ... And for searches:
  • title
  • media_type (this is the OMDB 'type' parameter)
  • year
  • page
  • callback
  • version For more information regarding the parameters visit the official website link posted at the top of this page.

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