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Package "lambda"

Title:Lambda expressions
Latest version:1.0.0
SHA1 sum:bfae0bc0f3db35199bf5ebb6569012c89d8d3351
Author:Ulrich Nuemerkel <ulrich@complang.tuwien.ac.at>
Packager:Jan Wielemaker <J.Wielemaker@vu.nl>
Download URL:http://www.swi-prolog.org/download/pack/lambda-*.tgz


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Must have, could be moved to "standard" Swi-Prolog library in my opinion.
Sunday 08 March 2015, Prolog Hermit
Although a very nice library this is (I use it all the time), the meta-predicate declarations appear scattered throughout the file. However, SWI-Prolog expects them to occur at the top of the file, before the first clause.
Tuesday 16 September 2014, Wouter Beek
Brilliantly useful. My one request is to support destructuring in the argument list -- though I guess this would not conform to lambda calculus syntax.
Monday 25 November 2013, John Stewart
library(lambda) makes it more palatable to work with maplist, foldl, etc. I no longer have to create and name auxiliary predicates that are used in only one place.
Friday 13 September 2013, Michael Hendricks

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