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Package "hello"

Title:Hello World
Latest version:0.0.1
SHA1 sum:36bdcf004b3aec850eff9af8538345803b5db50c
Author:Kaarel Kaljurand <kaljurand@gmail.com>
Download URL:http://files.dropbox.com/u/1397729/projects/pack/hello-*.zip


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Excellent distribution of "Hello World". I've always used "Hello World" as an introductory first step to all languages I study, now I have the power and convenience of "Hello World" distributed as a pack! I only give it four stars however, since I feel that it should be integrated into an infrastructure to have an easily deployable hello-world server. It could also use a few concurrency abstractions for concurrent hello-world applications.
Friday 09 October 2015, Ebrahim Azarisooreh

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Pack contains 2 files holding a total of 259 bytes.