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Pack web -- README.md


:- use_module(library(web), []).

?- web:get('http://www.ndrix.com/hello.txt', codes(Text)).
Text = `Hello from the Internet`.

?- web:get('http://httpbin.org/ip', json(Dict)).
Dict = _{origin: ""}.


This module helps you perform HTTP operations with as little code as possible. This includes:

  • basic HTTP requests
  • helpful SSL defaults
  • convert HTTP responses from common data formats
    • JSON
    • HTML5

For more complex needs, use http_open or http_client directly.


Using SWI-Prolog 7.1 or later:

?- pack_install(web).

This module uses semantic versioning.

Source code available and pull requests accepted at http://github.com/mndrix/web