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Pack swicli -- src/Swicli.Library/Readme_publish.txt

update changeLog.txt in SwiPlCs and SwiPlCs-Documentation/Download


  • change the version number in
    • AssemblyInfo.cs
    • SwiCsPl.shfb
    • rename SwiPlCs-Documentation/Download/SwiPlCs_1.1.plv.pl.zip
    • add a new line in the table in SwiPlCs-Documentation/Download/index.htm
    • change version in SwiPlCs-Documentation/build_bin_package.bat

    build and Test:

  • run FxCop with SWI-cs.FxCop
  • run all tests in solution
  • run project HelloWorldDemo
  • run Sandcastle help file builder with SWI-Pl-cs2\Help\SwiCsPl.shfb
  • run SwiPlCs-Documentation/build_bin_package.bat
  • [include the new file(s) into the project]
    • set properties 'build action' auf content


  • include the new zip file (SwiPlCs-Documentation\Download) into the project
  • check and include new documentation html files into the project (SwiPlCs-Documentation\Generated\html)
  • publish project SwiPlCs-Documentation
  • publish Download/SwiPlCs_x.x.x.zip to http://gollem.swi.psy.uva.nl/twiki/pl/bin/view/Foreign/CSharpInterface
  • and to http://www.swi-prolog.org/contrib/CSharp.html VSS Checkin