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Pack swicli -- src/Swicli.Library/ChangeLog.txt
  • change some testcases to reflect SWI-Prolog changes. E.g. ToString() of a term foo(a, b) return foo(a,b), (without the space) 1.1.5990.0
  • BREAKING CHANGE: SWI-PROLOG has changed some names of dlls and exe. For details see the changelog at http://prolog.cs.vu.nl/git/pl-devel.git?a=blob_plain;f=ChangeLog;hb=HEAD 1.1.5800.0
  • FIX: Crash if a query contains unicode charaters. reported by Robert Czerny.
  • FIX: A query with two anonymous variables work wrong. reported by Robert Czerny. see mailing list 'read_term and anonymous variables'.
  • FIX: a wrong capitalized query throw two exceptions. reported by Robert Czerny.
    caused by the destruction of the PlQuery object. 1) e.g. "Syntax error: Unexpected end of clause" 2) System.AccessViolationException


  • Added a 64-Bit version by Arne Skj√¶rholt
    • PlTermV has changed from a class to a struct.
    • DelegateParameterVarArgs has now only one PlTermV parameter
    • Indexer of PlTerm work now with PL_get_arg/3 for compound terms.
  • Added the sample t_creating_a_list_doc to the documentation of DelegateParameter1 1.1.5711.0
  • Added PlTerm.ToStringCanonical() to do PlTerm.PlCompound("cs_speak('hello world')").ToStringCanonical()=="cs_speak('hello world')" suggested by Batu Akan
  • Added a FAQ and some notes about [FATAL ERROR: Could not find system resources] in the documentation 1.1.578.1
  • versioning
  • PlEngine.Initialize: add a empty string at the first place in the parameter list
  • Redirection of the output-stream function is done before Initialize
  • documentation