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Pack sql_compiler -- prolog/sql_compiler.pl
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 view(?Head, ?Body)[multifile]
SQL rewrite - Head is rewritten as Body. Can also be written as Head <- Body
loads a schema into memory, allowing sql_compiler to make use of it for plterm_to_sqlterm/3

Example: load_schema_defs(bio('sql_schema/schema_enscore44'))

 plterm_to_sqlterm(+ProjectionTerm, +DatabaseGoal, ?SQLQueryTerm)
rewrite a prolog goal as a SQL Term. The SQL term can then be translated via sqlterm2atom/2
 rewrite_query(+GoalIn, ?GoalOut) is det
 sqlterm2atom(+SQLQueryTerm, ?SQLQueryAtom) is det
translates an SQL Term to an atom that conforms to SQL syntax. see plterm_to_sqlterm/3 [Ciao: sqlterm2string]
 relation(+PrologFunctor, +Arity, SQLTableName)[multifile]
 get_type(+Constant, ?Type)
Prolog implementation specific definition of type retrieval sepia Prolog version given here

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.