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Pack rdf_matcher -- README.md


rdf matcher

Command Line Usage

(see below for use via Docker)

To run these examples, first:

`cd tests/data`

All matches, as TSV:

`rdfmatch -f tsv -i basic.ttl match`

Contrain to classes with `http://example.org/x/` prefix:

`rdfmatch -p x -f tsv -i basic.ttl match`

New matches:

`rdfmatch -p x -f tsv -i basic.ttl new_match`

Cache index in a temp folder:

`rdfmatch -X tmp -p x -f tsv -i basic.ttl new_match`

Learn match rule probabilities:

`rdfmatch -p x -X tmp -T -f tsv -v -i tests/data/basic.ttl -i tests/data/equivs.ttl learn > probrules.pro`

Note this requires a training set - owl:equivalentClass is used for this

Once you you created the probabilistic rules, these can be applied:

`rdfmatch -f tsv -i tests/data/basic.ttl classify probrules.pro`


The library index_util is used for caching. Optionally this can go to disk


Use `./run.sh` instead of rdfmatch. E.g.

`./run.sh -p x -f tsv -i tests/data/basic.ttl match`