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Pack pubmed -- doc/Changes.txt

0.0.4, 2013/11/02 Replaced bioinformatics.nki.nl with stoics.org.uk .

0.0.3, 2012/08/15 Added pubmed_version/2. Added pubmed_cites/2,3.
0.0.2, 2012/07/11 Added examples in pldoc of predicates. Added pubmed_search/2,3. Factored out some common flags in options and created corresponding auxiliaries to enable sharing of code. Allowed first argument of pubmed_summary_info/3 to be a list. Added programming,Prolog search example with tabulation. Test groundness of search term.
0.0.1, 2012/07/07 - Basic functionality with 2 predicates and packaged with packs. Tested with SWI-Prolog 6.1.8 (git.development).