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Pack pepl -- doc/Releases.txt
2.2 @ 2022/01/02 @ 2022/01/02 CHANGED reporting of loading via print_message/2 @ 2022/01/01 DOC of scall/1 and sprucing up scall/6 EXAMPLE Non failure version of member3.slp in member3_nf.slp DOC format options of fam/1

2.1 @ 2017/02/25 Added license (MIT) and uploaded to github.

  • Added pepl_citation/2, with the PLP paper details.
    Version numberss from now on will follow the 2 part stoics convention. Fixed broken translation of A->B;C in sources (particularly non stochastic clauses). Added simple coin slp.
2.0.6 2014/01/28 Minor corrections to docs and website. Changed operator's :: priority to 600 for compatible with logtalk. Needs to be confirmed by Paulo Moura. Some corrections to examples/turtles/.
2.0.4 2014/01/27 2.0.2 did n't have all required files (sym links in src/ were all missing). Paulo Moura

2.0.2 2014/01/26 removed email from Readme.txt which showed on Swi website.

2.0.0 2014/01/26 publish as Swi pack. Also tested on dev. Yap

1.0.0 ??? first public version for Yap and Sicstus.