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This is release 1.6 of the Planning Domain Definition Language, PDDL.

Assuming you have gunzipped and untar'ed the directory, you will be looking at the folowing subdirectories:

doc: Documentation, including a postscript version of the manual, which contains instructions on running the syntax checker and solution checker src: Lisp code defining the syntax checker and solution checker domains: A directory containing a bunch of test domains, with each file containing a collection of related domains and problems, except for... domains/transplan: A directory containing the transportation-planning domain for Track 3 of the competition strict-domains: The same domains, arranged in a format preferred by some, to wit --- one subdirectory per domain, and, in each file in that subdirectory, either a single domain description or a single problem description. (See the manual for an explanation of "strictness.")

Change history:

1.6 Changed logistics domain. There are now just two versions: logistics-strips and logistics-adl. There are several test problems that were generated by Selman and Kautz.

1.5 Fixed some bugs New domains: movie: From U. of Washington. Probably used in competition assembly: Simple assembly task. Designed to make life hard for total-order planners, but there are some interesting challenges for partial-order planners, too.

1.4 Fixed some bugs :vars now flagged if domain doesn't declare :quantified-preconditions and :conditional-effects Introduced (solution-file-check soln-file prob-file) (see manual) Many domains cleaned up, strips versions supplied. New domain: gripper from Jana Koehler

1.3 Fixed some bugs Cleaned up mystery domain. There are now two versions, one strips, one typed. THIS IS A DOMAIN WE ARE PLANNING TO USE IN THE CONTEST

1.2 Fixed several bugs Added a new domain, mystery, with a hundred automatically generated problems

1.1 Fixed some bugs. Changed definition of identifiers in PDDL, allowing hyphens in names (Thanks to Jana Koehler for pointing out the inconsistency.) Kantrowitz defsystem is now included in the release.