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Pack pddl_valoptic_api -- t/pddl_files/elearning/README.TXT

This domain represents a real teamwork project management scenario in a e-learning center, where the objective is to develope a whole online course, so that it can be offered as a product. So,

1) After the collaboration of diferent people that posess a specific ability (encoded at the 'Lane' extendedAttribute of the XPDL element 'Participant'),

2) Given a estimated time for every activity (as an extendedAttribute 'Duration' of the XPDL element 'Activity'),

The problem is to get a resource allocation of activities to participants, considering the time and control flow constraints defined in the original XPDL model. The JABBAH framework translates the information represented in the XPDL model into both problem and domain files, using an HTN extension of PDDL.

The resulting plan can be seen as a Microsoft Project Gantt diagram.