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Pack orgref_fix -- Readme.md

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Org-ref Fix

When using Org-mode with org-ref, beautiful references are generated on LaTeX exports. But what about HTML? References and citations are exported as broken links, specially if you use the ox-twbs package.

So, this package provides predicates to fix this and more. This is what this package can do for you:

  • Search for references and citations from an Org-file.
  • Take those citations, the BibTeX file and retrieve their entries.
  • Generate the bibliography section in HTML.
  • Fix all citation reference links to point to the bibliography item properly.
  • Fix all citation reference texts to a proper somewhat simmilar APA label.
  • Fix all references to figures, tables and footnotes (:warning: not yet implemented!).

How to use?

First, install the package in SWI-Prolog. Run swipl on your terminal and write:


Then, load the orgref_fixes library and execute fix_all/4 predicate. For example, to fix the citations, references and to add the bibliography to the HTML export file from org_file.org, write the following:

fix_all('org_file.org', 'bibtex_file.bib', 'exported_html_file.html', 'output_file.html').



This software is under the General Public Licence version 3.

See COPYING.txt file or the GNU GPL Licence page.