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Event recognition for City Transport Management (CTM).

Artikis A., Sergot M. and Paliouras G. An Event Calculus for Event Recognition. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE), 27(4):895-908, 2015.

Directory Structure

  • /CE patterns. Original and compiled CE patterns along with declarations.
  • /data. A sample synthetic dataset concerning 100 public transport vehicles from the PRONTO project.
  • /execution scripts.

Execution Instructions

Unzip the compressed dataset in the /data/100_vehicles/ directory.

Go to the /execution scripts/100_vehicles/ directory.

Launch Prolog.

Load continuousQueries.prolog:


Invoke continuousER(TimesFile, Window, Step, LastTime) with appropriate values for the 3 arguments. Eg:

continuousER('times.txt', 10000, 1000, 50000).


continuousER('times.txt', 1000, 100, 5000).

continuousER('times.txt', 100, 10, 500).

instructs RTEC to perform continuous queries where window=10000, step=1000, the event recognition times per query are recorded in times.txt, and querying ends when time-point 50000 is reached.

To see the intervals of the fluents in the last window, type: