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Release 2.0.11

Changes over 2.0.10:

  • A command-line version was added. It is invoked like this: java -cp classes PrologPlusCG/PrologPlusCGCLI filename.plgCG "goal"
  • The rudiments of a test suite were added, using the new command line version. The test suite only runs on Unix/Linux, but it will hopefully provide a testbed for regression tests in the future.
  • Bugfix: concOfCG now works correctly again when first argument is a free variable. A bug was introduced in 2.0.5 whereby the whole CG would be returned.
  • Bugfix: the following used to fail: eq(G, C-dummy->[MyConceptType]), at least when C was bound and G was free. This was because prolog/UnifyCG.identRef neglected to check whether sRef2 was really a PrologList before casting it as such.
  • Bugfix: The following goal used to throw an exception with tests/Romeo1.plgCG: "AllConcepts(I,C), /.". The problem was solved by checking, at the end of prolog/Resolution.executeQuery(), after Retour_Arriere was invoked, whether Exec_Stack was now empty, as it would be after a cut.
  • Bugfix: dif/2 used to do a Unification.Unif_Stack.pop() even when the result was true. This led to a crash (i.e., an exception) with the following program:

    father_of(ml(kristian,1940),ml(anders,1965)). father_of(ml(kristian,1940),ml(frank,1967)). father_of(ml(anders,1965),fm(lise,1990)). father_of(ml(anders,1965),fm(inga,1992)). father_of(ml(anders,1965),ml(preben,1994)). father_of(ml(anders,1965),fm(ann,1996)). father_of(ml(frank,1967),ml(troels,1991)). mother_of(fm(maren,1941),ml(anders,1965)). mother_of(fm(maren,1941),ml(frank,1967)). mother_of(fm(tove,1966),fm(lise,1990)). mother_of(fm(tove,1966),fm(inga,1992)). mother_of(fm(tove,1996),fm(preben,1994)). mother_of(fm(tove,1996),fm(ann,1996)). person(_P):- mother_of(_P,_). person(_P):- mother_of(_,_P). person(_P):- father_of(_P,_). person(_P):- father_of(_,_P). male(ml(_Mand,_Aar)):- person(ml(_Mand,_Aar)). brother_of(_Person,_Bror):- male(_Bror), mother_of(_Mor,_Person), mother_of(_Mor,_Bror), mother_of(_Far,_Person), mother_of(_Far,_Bror), dif(_Person,_Bror).

  • Bugfix: On Win32, when deploying an applet, the directory from which to get the PPCGApplet.jar file was gotten from the "user.dir" system property. This was not good, since that was variable. Instead, it is now gotten from PrologPlusCGFrame.strPPCGRootPath.
  • PrologPlusCGFrame.strPPCGRootPath has had its "%20" instances replaced by " ".
  • AppletDeploymentDialog now gives more specific information when something is wrong with the source file (does not exist, is not a file, or cannot be read, versus just that it is one of these).
  • When deploying an applet, information is now given which is appropriate to either "You will now be required to save", or simply "Your program will now be saved."
  • Some French comments were translated in English.
  • Removed "UP1" output from maxComSuperTypes goal.
  • All instances of "PROLOG+CG" strings were changed to "Prolog+CG".
  • The full version number (e.g., 2.0.11) now appears where "2.0" used to appear.
  • PrologPlusCG.gui.PrologPlusCGFrame now has a public static member called PPCGVersion. This has been used where the version number appears.
  • Fixed Samples/SHRDLU.plgCG so that it compiles again.

Release 2.0.10

Changes over 2.0.9:

  • The sources have been heavily refactored, changing almost everything into English. Also, there is a new package structure:
  • There is a new directory structure: The sources are underneath src/, the manual is underneath manual/ and the Samples are underneath Samples/. The classes are now built so that they are output in classes/.
  • The method for getting the directory where the images reside has been changed. It now gets everything by referring to classes/PrologPlusCG/gui/ImgPrlg.png, then doing getParentFile().getParentFile() until we reach the right directory. Then we add /manual/ and there we are... The manual's index.html is also found this way.
  • The default size is now 800x600, and the main frame is maximized upon startup.
  • The PPCGApplet.jar file no longer contains the manual or the sources.
  • The debugger inside Prolog+CG now actually works.
  • Bugfix: The debugger new terminates the execution when it is closed, as well as when the user presses the "stop debug" button.
  • Feature enhancement: The main debug window and the debug window showing details now "float" above the main frame.
  • Changed build process (Makefile) so that the new structure is accommodated, and so that the version number is now both in the path and in the PPCG-${version}.zip file name.
  • Bugfix: It used to be that the icons would not show, and the manual would not display, if PPCG was installed underneath a path with a space in it. For example, installing underneath "C:\Program Files" would reveal this behavior. This has been fixed.

Release 2.0.9

Changes over 2.0.8:

  • Fixed bug in concat/3: When first argument was free, the results returned were the second argument.
  • Redid manual in (PDF)LaTeX / latex2html.
  • Did away with saving as .obj files, since: a) The algorithm for finding out when to use it was buggy, and b) it was not an advantage any more with the fast computers of today. The program now always compiles when the it needs to, instead of loading from an .obj file.

Release 2.0.8

Changes over 2.0.7:

  • Translated some of the comments and identifiers from French into English.
  • Fixed a bug in Resolution.java: NbreButPred was set wrong.
  • Added "minComSuperTypes" and "maxComSubTypes" to Resolution.java and added them to the manual.
  • Added "MaxMinTypesInCommon()", "maxComSubTypes()", and "minComSuperTypes()" to HierTypes.java.

Release 2.0.7

Changes over 2.0.6:

  • Added "Unification.Unif_Stack.AddNewElement();" to nl and clearConsole in Resolution.java. This was necessary, since they add something to the result stack. Otherwise, their usage would result in an exception being thrown in RetourArriere when the Result_Stack and the Unification.Unif_Stack did not have the same number of elements.
  • It is now possible (both in PrologPlusCGApplet.java and in AppletDeploymentDialog.java) to have 0 boxes.
  • Gave the manual a complete overhaul, and updated it to reflect the fact that the applet can now have 0 boxes.
  • Added a new "concat" operator, and added it to the manual."

Release 2.0.6

Changes over 2.0.5:

  • write/1 no longer emits a newline. This makes programs not backwards compatible if they use write!
  • There are three new built-in predicates: nl/0 (which emits a newline), writenl/1 (which writes its argument and emits a newline), and clearConsole/0 (which clears the console area).
  • write and writenl now treat string parameters specially, also when encapsulated in variables (but not in terms, CGs, concepts, or any other type). In particular, the beginning and ending "double quotes" are removed before printing.
  • Prolog+CG can now be run as a Java applet.
  • Added PrologPlusCGFrame.printErrorMessage().
  • Used PrologPlusCGFrame.printErrorMessage() whereever an error message was being printed to PrologPlusCGFrame.ConsoleArea.
  • Removed "static ArbreInference arbreInfDbg;" from PrologPlusCGFrame, since it was redundant.
  • Translated some comments from French to English, and fixed others.
  • Fixed exception bugs in PrologPlusCGFrame.onPrgmTxtAreaClick() and PrologPlusCGFrame.onPrgmTxtMsReleased().

Release 2.0.5 (October 16, 2004)

Changes over 2.0.4:

  • Fixed bug in Resolution.exec_butPred(): It did not reset pTermRes.Pos to 0 upon failure. This meant that built-in goals such as branchOfCG, maximalJoin, concOfCG, etc. would not return correct results if they were not satisfied and then tried again.
  • Added a feature: concOfCG now performs variable-substitution just like branchOfCG does. This means that you can do things like

    concOfCG([Proposition = P], _CG)

    and expect P to be set. This was done by making a CG out of the current concept from _CG, then unifying this CG with the concept from the first argument. This was done in exec_butPred and re_exec_butPred.

  • Anglicized variable names and method names in Resolution.java, CPile_Resl.java, CPile_Unif.java, Unification.java, UnifyCG.java, OperCG.java.
  • Did some code cleanup, such as removing redundant semicolons.
  • Wrote translations of some of the comments (just so I could understand what was going on).
  • Updated the PrologPlusCG/Samples/AAU/macbeth2.plgCG example.
  • Added PrologPlusCG/Samples/AAU/Romeo2.plgCG

Release 2.0.4 (September 21, 2004)

Changes over version 2.0.3:

  • The caret in the console window is no longer repositioned to the end all the time. This makes it easier to select stuff with the mouse and copy it.
  • Fixed bug in Compile.java: isIdVar now also recognizes identifiers as variables if they start with an underscore.
  • Fixed bug in Compile.java: It used to be that you could have non-atoms in a type hierarchy rule or a catalog-of-instances rule. Now the compiler checks that all elements in the rule-list (including the head) are atoms.
  • Fixed bug in PrologPlusCGFrama.java: It used to be that if Compile.java threw a CompileException in the semantic (or code-generating) stage, this was not flagged as an error. Now the compiler stops instead of just printing the error on standard output and saying everything is OK.
  • Now works correctly on Windows even if carriage return is inserted into the program text window.

Release 2.0.3 (July 16, 2004)

Changes over version 2.0.2:

  • You can now copy-paste things from the console area. Select stuff with the mouse, and hold down the mouse button while pressing Ctrl-C. Then Ctrl-V to paste again. This is useful, e.g., when you wish to run the same query over and over again.

    Many thanks to Aldo de Moor for suggesting this change.

Release 2.0.2 (July 8, 2004)

Changes over version 2.0.1:

  • Added Prolog1.jpg, Prolog2.jpg, and Prolog3.jpg, which were all missing from the manual.
  • Fixed a link in the manual from PPCGSYN.png to ppcgsyn.png.
  • Fixed some href's in the manual, and obfuscated Dr. Kabbaj's email address so as to avoid spam-bots harvesting it.
  • Bugfix in HTMLFrama.java: Now only activation of links will result in following that link, not enter/exit of the mouse.
  • Bugfix in HTMLFrame.java: If one cannot click on the URL (due to, e.g., an IO exception), the URL of the JEditorPane is reset to the manual page, thus handling the situation gracefully.

Release 2.0.1 (July 6, 2004)

Changes over version 2.0:

  • Made it compile under Java 1.4.
  • Pretty-printed all Java sources.
  • Fixed bug: It used to be that you always had to select "New" after starting the program in order not to incur an error when compiling the program you just typed in. Now you don't need to.
  • Fixed an off-by-one error in the line-numbering when compiling: Error messages now report the correct line number, and not the correct number minus 1.
  • Fixed bug: Manual can now be shown from within the program, also on Unix platforms.
  • Fixed bug: Lower part of the split pane would sometimes not switch to query/console mode after a compile, when one clicked the mouse inside the lower part. It always does now.

    At the same time, the lower part is no longer switched when clicking the upper part.

    At the same time, the splitter of the split pane is set to the middle when one switches from console to compilation output. It also repositions to 3/4 of the size when one switches from compilation output to console. This was because Java 1.4 resized the panes such that the program text area had 0 height.

  • Removed "Windows | Clear text area", since it was buggy.
  • Added a "Go to line" menu-item to the "Edit" menu. This is handy when debugging, since you can jump to the line where the compiler had trouble.
  • Added a new Samples directory, called "AAU".
  • Changed the string "PROLOG+CG" to "PROLOG+CG 2.0" to differentiate it from the new version in Amine.
  • Updated the "About" box.
  • Converted all .gif files to .png due to patent restrictions.
  • Updated manual slightly