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    6    Copyright (C): 2015, VU University Amsterdam
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   30:- module(jwt,
   31	  [ jwt/2			% +String, -Data
   32	  ]).   33:- use_module(library(codesio)).   34:- use_module(library(base64)).   35:- use_module(library(utf8)).   36:- use_module(library(http/json)).

JSON Web Token library

This library is a very early start to deal with JOSE: JSON Object Signing and Encryption. This is needed for OpenID Connect. The current library only extracts the claimed object from a non-encrypted JWT (JSON Web Token). This is enough to deal with Google's OpenID Connect, which guarantees that the token comes from Google in other ways.

See also
- https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-jones-json-web-token */
 jwt(+String, -Object) is det
True if Object is claimed in the JWT represented in String.
To be done
- Currently does not validate the claim using the signature.
   55jwt(String, Object) :-
   56	nonvar(String),
   57	split_string(String, ".", "", [Header64,Object64|_Parts]),
   58	base64url_json(Header64, _Header),
   59	base64url_json(Object64, Object).
 base64url_json(+String, -JSONDict) is semidet
True when JSONDict is represented in the Base64URL and UTF-8 encoded String.
   66base64url_json(String, JSON) :-
   67	string_codes(String, Codes),
   68	phrase(base64url(Bytes), Codes),
   69	phrase(utf8_codes(Text), Bytes),
   70	setup_call_cleanup(
   71	    open_codes_stream(Text, Stream),
   72	    json_read_dict(Stream, JSON),
   73	    close(Stream))