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Pack edcg -- MaintainerNotes.md

Maintainer Notes

This document contains miscellaneous notes for maintaining the package.


(See also https://www.swi-prolog.org/howto/Pack.txt)

If you change the github location, you'll need to send a message to Jan Wielemaker jan@swi-prolog.org to update the URL pattern to `https://github.com/<user>/edcg/*` or similar.


Discussion about modules and multi-file directives in edcg.pl: https://swi-prolog.discourse.group/t/using-consult-in-a-directive-to-load-source-code-it-puzzles-me/2081

Discussion about the ==>> extension and guards: https://swi-prolog.discourse.group/t/dcgs-with-single-sided-unification/3768

Note that logtalk has its own port, which avoids the edcg:pred_info multifile predicates.