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Pack canny_tudor -- prolog/canny/cover.pl
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 coverages_by_module(:Goal, -Coverages:dict) is det
Calls Goal within show_coverage/1 while capturing the resulting lines of output; Goal is typically run_tests/0 for running all loaded tests. Parses the lines for coverage statistics by module. Ignores lines that do not represent coverage, and also ignores lines that cover non-module files. Automatically matches prefix-truncated coverage paths as well as full paths.
Coverages- is a module-keyed dictionary of sub-dictionaries carrying three keys: clauses, cov and fail.
 coverage_for_modules(:Goal, +Modules, -Module, -Coverage) is nondet
Non-deterministically finds Coverage dictionaries for all Modules. Bypasses those modules excluded from the required list, typically the list of modules belonging to a particular pack and excluding all system and other supporting modules.