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Pack by_unix -- doc/Releases.txt

--- Releases ---

TBD: change user initialistation (.pl/by_unix.pl) [see pack(mtx)].

0.2 @ 20.09.19 20.08.16 ADDED: if shell fails, and exec not in path, print informational CHANGED: if shell call exits with non zero only an informational is printed (no error as before) 18.07.23 SCRIPT: xgrep, within these-extensions-only grep 18.02.07 IFACE: allow for lists in arguments (they get flattened) YY.MM.DD DOC: cd/1 to documentation for cd/2. IFACE: introduced &/1 with threads implementation (SWI's detached(true) aint working) IFACE: some more support for environment variables in args. DOC: new password example IFACE: load ~/.pl/by_unix.pl if it exists ADDED: Prolog flags, by_unix_shell, Shell by_unix_shell_com_arg, Arg ADDED: Now library plays with other shells. FIXED: @ cd( pack(by_unix) ).

0.1.6 @ 13.12.26