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Pack bousi_pack -- prolog/source/directives.pl
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 directive(+Name, +Arguments)
Evaluates and executes (at run-time) a Bousi-Prolog directive with the given Name and list of Arguments. Basically, this predicate will alter the BPL flags defined in the 'flags' module.
 directive(+Name, +Arguments, -Equations)
This call is performed at compile-time. Its third argument contains the new equations that will replace the directive in the compiled program
 is_directive_valid(+Name, +Arguments)
Checks if Name is the name of a Bousi-Prolog directive and, in that case, checks also if its Arguments are correct. If Arguments are invalid, a 'directive_error' exception with an error message is thrown, whereas if Name doesn't represent a Bousi-Prolog directive, this predicate fails.
- directive_error(Message) Name is the name of a Bousi-Prolog directive but its Arguments aren't valid.